Background & Profile of Fingodap

The Federation of Indian NGOs for Drug Abuse prevention (FINGODAP) was initiated by Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM), New Delhi on 11th August 1991. After continued networking and mobilization of NGOs finally FINGO DAP was launched on 12th April 1995 at New Delhi in a meeting organized by SPYM for the NGOs working in the area of Drug Demand Reduction.

FINGODAP is a registered National apex body of above five hundred NGOs working in the area of drug demand reduction and prevention of HIV/AIDS in partnership with Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and National AIDS Control Organisation, Ministry of Health, Govt. of India. The aim of establishing FINGODAP is to facilitate enabling environment for partnership and interface between concerned departments of Government and Civil society Organisations for the exchange of ideas and experiences in order to have better policies in place for the capacity building of NGOs to implement effectively the countrywide drug demand reduction program.

FINGODAP Secretariat has been organizing various national/regional conferences/workshops/meetings regularly to facilitate interface between NGOs and Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India to strengthen the countrywide drug demand reduction program. It has facilitated information exchange and developed/coordinated projects in close liaison with Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, NACO, and Ministry of Health Govt. of India to mainstream HIV/AIDS prevention component in the ongoing activities of drug demand reduction.

FINGODAP believes that:

1. Drug Abuse is a major and increasing menace which transcends age, geographical, political, cultural and religious boundaries, and that it is imperative for GOs as well as NGOs and national/international institutions and community to respond emphatically to minimize this scourge.

2. Human resource is the most valuable asset of any community and that the increasingly widespread multiple abuse of narcotic drug and psychotropic substance, particularly amongst the youth, threatens not only the development but also the social fabric.

3. Increased emphasis should be more on effective preventive measures to control drug abuse and its hazardous consequences at regional, national and international levels.

4. There is a need for increased coordination and cooperation among all concerned at national/international level particularly NGOs to facilitate the exchange of information and to carry out the most effective measurers to combat the drug abuse.


The General Body is the highest authority of the organization which is comprised of member NGOs. It decides on general programmes, overall activities of the organization, elects the Executive Committee, and decides on amendments to the constitution and By-laws.

The federation elects its office bearers the President, six Vice Presidents, secretary and the treasurer in its General Body meeting. All FINGO DAP projects and programs are coordinated through its Secretariat.

The FINGODAP Secretariat takes initiatives to strengthen the countrywide program of drug demand reduction and HIV/AIDS prevention. The secretariat acts as a conduit through which projects, programs and ad hoc committees are arranged.
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